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Every Little Secret by Ruby Speechley - Blog Tour Review

How well do you know the man you married?
Maddy Saunders’ life is unravelling. After the heartbreaking, unexpected death of 5-year-old daughter Chloe, she’s trying desperately to keep her family together for other daughter, Emily. But when the police inform her that husband Max is missing, the rucksack found at the bottom of a local canal leading them to believe he has taken his own life, her grief takes a new and sharper turn.
Unable to believe that Max would abandon her and Emily, Maddy desperately searches for clues as to what has happened to her husband. But as she delves deeper into his secrets, Maddy finds a web of betrayal that forces her to re-examine everything about the life they have built together.
Maddened by grief, and forced into untangling Max’s lies, Maddy will stop at nothing to uncover the truth – even if it destroys her in the process.
A gripping, absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller that will have you hooked – perfect for fans of K.L. Slater, Shalini Boland and B.A. Paris.

My Review

What an absolutely gripping read this was! After reading Someone Else's Baby I was eagerly awaiting Ruby Speechley's next book. She sure knows how to write a page turner! I am really into this type of book at the moment. Every Little Secret is a domestic noir that will have you questioning how much you really know the person you love.

From the first chapter I had so much sympathy for Maddy, she has been through so much. Losing her daughter hits her hard and then when Max goes missing she finds herself having to cope alone. She starts to fall apart, but soon realises she has to find out the truth, whatever the cost. As I was reading I could feel all the emotions coming from Maddy thanks to Ruby Speechley's brilliant writing.

The characters in Every Little Secret are so well written and believable. Told from different timelines, past and present this is a story of lies, deception and secrets. The more that was revealed the more I wanted to know. Ruby Speechley has written a superb story, I found it more disturbing because I could imagine that it could happen in real life!

Once again Ruby Speechley has created a story that I loved and was an absolute pleasure to read. I am looking forward to seeing what disturbing story she has in her mind for her next book!

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Ruby Speechley is a psychological thriller writer. Her debut novel, Someone Else’s Baby, was published by Hera Books on 25 July 2019. 

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