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The Murder Game by Rachel Abbott - Blog Tour Review

A year ago today, we all gathered for Lucas' wedding at his glorious Cornish home overlooking the sea.

But no one was married that day.

Now Lucas has invited us back to celebrate the anniversary. But the anniversary of what? The wedding that never happened, or the tragedy that occurred just hours before the ceremony was due to begin?

He's told us that tonight he has planned a game. We have our costumes, we have our parts, and everyone must play. The game, he tells us, is about to begin.

What does Lucas want from us? What are we not being told? And what's going to happen when this terrible game is over?

My Review

I absolutely love picking up Rachel Abbott's books! She is among my favourite authors, so when this tour came up I jumped at the chance to take part.

I have been trying to find the perefect word to describe The Murder Game and I decided 'tense' is that word. There is an underlying tension throughout the story. It was like I knew something bad was going to happen, but I didn't know what it was or when it would happen.

The plot is gripping with a cast of brilliant characters, some I liked and some I didn't. A group of friends gather together a year after a wedding that never took place. They are at the same venue that a tragedy occurred and some are wondering why Lucas has chosen this time and place to have a celebration.

Stephanie King is the woman who is called upon to help solve the mystery of what occurred a year previously.  She knows something strange is going on when she returns to question the guests a year after the almost wedding. She is adamant she is going to find out the truth and discover what is going on with this obviously nervous and tense group of people.

Rachel Abbott sure knows how to write a great story! She has produced another superb book and it is up there with my best books of this year so far. The Murder Game had me gripped, with a cracking mixture of characters that are multi layered with personalities, secrets, lies and circumstances that left me aghast. I would highly recommend The Murder Game if you are a fan of novels full of mystery, suspense, secrets and lies.

About The Author

Rachel Abbott began her career as an independent author in 2011, with Only The Innocent, which became a No.1 bestseller on Kindle, topping the chart for four weeks. Since then, she has published eight further psychological thrillers and sold over 3 million copies. She is one of the top-selling authors of all time in the UK Kindle store, and her novels have been translated into 21 languages.

Rachel splits her time between Alderney - a beautiful island off the coast of France - and the Le Marche region of Italy, where she is able to devote all her time to writing fiction.

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