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Ghoster by Jason Arnopp - Blog Tour Review

Kate Collins has been ghosted.
She was supposed to be moving in with her new boyfriend Scott, but all she finds after relocating to Brighton is an empty flat. Scott has vanished. His possessions have all disappeared.
Except for his mobile phone.
Kate knows she shouldn't hack into Scott's phone. She shouldn't look at his Tinder, his texts, his social media. But she can't quite help herself.
That's when the trouble starts. Strange, whispering phone calls from numbers she doesn't recognise. Scratch marks on the door that she can't explain.
And the growing feeling that she's being watched . . .
Jason Arnopp - author of The Last Days of Jack Sparks, a Radio 2 Bookclub pick - returns with a razor-sharp thriller for a social-media obsessed world. Prepare to never look at your phone the same way again . . .

My Review

What to say about Ghoster? I picked it up expecting it to be one thing and it gradually turned into something else. I really enjoyed reading this it is one of the more unique books I have read. I loved the supernatural element and Jason Arnopp is an excellent writer.

Kate was supposed to be moving in with her boyfriend but he has began ghosting her and she becomes more and more desperate to hear from him. Kate was a strange character for me, at times she seemed so sensible and then she would do something and I would just think why would you do that? She made some strange decisions at times. With the help of her friend, Izzy, she sets out to find out where her boyfriend has gone and what he is up to.

Jason Arnopp has written a novel that highlights how much people can be completely wrapped up in the online world. Kate certainly has an issue with this and was obsessed with checking her ex boyfriends social media, resulting in her being throughly distracted in her job as a paramedic. As a result of this she went on a digital detox, but now she is getting sucked back into it to find out what is going on with the man she is supposed to be moving in with.

Ghoster is a interesting, thought provoking read. I haven't read any of Jason Arnopp's work before, but based on Ghoster I would certainly read more. If you enjoy a mystery with some supernatural thrown in then this is a book you will want to add to your list. 

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