Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Family by Louise Jensen - Blog Tour Review

Laura is grieving after the sudden death of her husband. Struggling to cope emotionally and financially, Laura is grateful when a local community, Oak Tree Organics, offer her and her seventeen-year-old daughter, Tilly, a home.

But as Laura and Tilly settle into life with their new 'family', sinister things begin to happen. When one of the community dies in suspicious circumstances Laura wants to leave but Tilly, enthralled by the charismatic leader, Alex, refuses to go.

Desperately searching for a way to save her daughter, Laura uncovers a horrifying secret but Alex and his family aren't the only ones with something to hide. Just as Laura has been digging into their past, they've been digging into hers and she discovers the terrifying reason they invited her and Tilly in, and why they'll never let them leave ...

My Review

Do you know when you read a book that is so good you lose all track of time and are totally immersed in it? Well, The Family is 'that' book for me. Once I started reading I couldn't stop! Louise Jensen is an extraordinary author! Her writing is captivating and I absolutely felt like I was immersed in the story. From setting the scene, to characters, to the plot it has it all. This is an outstanding read and without doubt my favourite book of 2019.

I felt so sorry for Laura throughout the book, she has lost her husband and her whole life has fell apart. She has her daughter to look out for as well, and she feels her only viable option is to move into a community that offer her solice and a roof over their heads. At first she is all in but then things begin to occur which make her question her saviours real intentions.

Tilly, on the other hand loves life at the farm with her new family. Not least thanks to the enigmatic Alex. She isn't having the best time at home or school following her father's death. As secrets and lies reveal themselves, she becomes more and more enamoured with Alex and the community he has built.

The Family is packed full of mystery, suspense and action. The plot was great, I have a huge interest in this type of subject and Louise Jensen wrote about it brilliantly. I thought I knew what was going on but, boy was I wrong! I was guessing until the very last chapter what was happening and how the story was going to unfold.

If you only read one book this year make it The Family, believe me you will not be disappointed.


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