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Stilettos & Stardust by D.L Pitchford - Author Guest Post

A modern day Cinderella with a twist...

When high school seniors Noah Barton and Eden Prince’s academic rivalry ruins a thermodynamics demo, their physics teacher decides to help them get along. By forcing them to be lab partners.
As graduation approaches, Noah and Eden are too busy figuring out college to deal with each other. Noah’s football-loving dad sabotages his chance to win a big scholarship. Eden’s traditional mother cares more about finding her a serious boyfriend than encouraging her dreams.

Winning big at the regional science fair is their last hope.

Will Noah follow in his astronaut mother’s footsteps? Can Eden show her parents the environment is more important than any relationship? Will Noah and Eden finally learn to work together?

Follow Noah and Eden’s budding romance in this emotionally charged, gender-swapped retelling of Cinderella.

It is my absolute pleasure to feature a guest post from D.L Pitchford!

Hi, everyone! I’m D. L. Pitchford, the author of Stilettos & Stardust and the Billie Dixon series. Here’s a little bit about me and my writing habits:
  1. I’m not big on astrological signs, but I always find it interesting. My sun sign is Aries, and in the Chinese zodiac, I’m a Sheep. Both of those are strangely accurate to my personality.
  2. I am a cat person (though I love all animals), and my husband and I name all our cats after comic book characters. Right now, we have a tortoiseshell named Two Face and a gray tabby named Gambit.
  3. My favourite thing about writing is getting to experience different cultures, different locations, and different situations.
  4. I have chronic depression and anxiety, which is actually incredibly common among writers and artists. Medication and counseling have helped ridiculous amounts.
  5. I am highly ambitious and organized, and I already have my publishing schedule planned for the next five to ten years. Obviously, things don’t always go as planned, so it’s a flexible schedule, but it makes me so hopeful and excited for the next several years.
  6. I love making writing soundtracks. All my books have their own Spotify playlists, and I also throw together genre-based soundtracks for when I’m working on a new project.
  7. I despise clutter, and I continually sort through my things to make sure everything is organized.
  8. I don’t write hard sci-fi--in fact, I rarely write soft sci-fi--but my favorite author is Michael Crichton.
  9. I transitioned to writing full time recently, and I am in love with having a regular schedule.
  10. I’m a Hufflepuff and very proud of my house. Don’t mess with the badgers, man.
Thanks for hosting me, Emma!

YA and NA author D. L. Pitchford is best known for her brutally honest stories and realistic characters.
Throughout her childhood, art and literature were encouraged in every form. Pitchford fell in love with The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Is Rising, and Harry Potter. By age ten, she wrote her first fantasy book. Her love of writing grew exponentially.
In 2013, Pitchford received her BA in English, Writing, and Fine Arts from Drury University. During her studies, she focused on the human condition and penned the first scenes of her debut novel. IF WE HAD NO WINTER released April 2017 and has been commended for its gritty tone and character growth.
Pitchford lives with her husband and two sons in Springfield, Missouri, where she continues writing young and new adult novels.
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