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Found by Erin Kinsley - Blog Tour Review

One child is safe . . .

But how long until another is taken?

When eleven year old Evan vanishes without trace, his parents are plunged into their worst nightmare - especially as the police, under massive pressure, have no answers.

But months later Evan is unexpectedly found, frightened and refusing to speak. His loving family realise life will never be the same again.

DI Naylor knows that unless those who took Evan are caught, other children are in danger. And with Evan silent, she must race against time to find those responsible . . .

My Review

Everytime I read a book about a child disappearing I automatically find myself thinking about being in the parents position. How would I feel and what would I do if this happened to one of my sons? There is no straight answer to that but Erin Kinsley did an excellent job of describing how a disappearance such as Evan's might effect his family.

The middle of the book is very much centred around Evan and his family. Describing how Evan being taken has impacted all of their lives. I found these parts fascinating because it gave an extra depth to the story. The family are trying to re-build their lives with Evan, after being hit by this traumatic and life-changing event.

It is difficult to get Evan to open up about what happened to him. But with the help of his grandad, he slowly starts to come out of himself little by little. The relationship between Evan and his grandad absolutely melted my heart. It was so sweet, wholesome and heart-warming. I felt so sorry for Evan being shut off from the world in his own mental torment. The world terrifies him so he locks himself away, mentally and physically, until he is ready to face things.

Alongside all of this, there is the police investigation into the boys disappearance. Leading the investigation is DI Naylor. Her investigation is difficult with little to no leads and Evan not being able to help much. 
I really liked Naylor, she gets frustrated when she can't solve the case as quickly as she would like to. I could tell she really cared about finding out what happened to Evan, and who was responsible. I would love to see her feature in more books solving other cases.

Found is a great mix of mystery, police investigations, family relationships and drama. This is certainly a book I would highly recommend.

About The Author

Erin Kinsley is a full-time writer. She grew up in Yorkshire and currently lives in East Anglia. Now writing under a pseudonym, her previous books were published by Bloomsbury. Longlisted for the Desmond Elliot Prize amongst other awards, her writing has received glowing reviews across the national press.


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