Monday, 4 March 2019

Past Life by Dominic Nolan - Blog Tour

Waking up beside the dead girl, she couldn't remember anything.
Who she was. Who had taken her. How to escape.
Detective Abigail Boone has been missing for four days when she is finally found, confused and broken. Suffering retrograde amnesia, she is a stranger to her despairing husband and bewildered son.
Hopelessly lost in her own life, with no leads on her abduction, Boone's only instinct is to revisit the case she was investigating when she vanished: the baffling disappearance of a young woman, Sarah Still.
Defying her family and the police, Boone obsessively follows a deadly trail to the darkest edges of human cruelty. But even if she finds Sarah, will Boone ever be the same again?

My Review
Past Life is Dominic Nolan's debut novel and it's a gritty, unique read. The writing really drew me into the story. 
Does Boone actually want to remember her past? Her husband and son want the old Abigail back, but Boone seems to be embracing her new personality. She is determined to find out what happened to her and who is responsible.
The plot is really good, but for me the thing that shone through were the characters. Dominic has such a excellent skill of writing characters that are varied and entertaining.
She has a friend from her life before, who tries to keep her in check, Barb. She is blunt and brilliant, in a sharp tongued and quick witted way she tries to make Boone see sense. Barb is tough on Boone and won't let her feel sorry for herself. My favourite character by far was Roo! I just loved her and her strange phrases and way of seeing the world.
Past Life is a brilliant debut novel and I look forward to seeing what Dominic Nolan writes next. 
Thank you Headline for a copy of this book and to Anne Cater for inviting me to take part on the tour.


  1. thanks so much for supporting the blog tour Emma x

  2. Ooh great review! My review on Past Life went live this morning as well - I also loved the characterisations! I wasn't completely convinced by the ending though - what did you think?


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