Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Last Lullaby by Carol Wyer - Book Review

Charlotte’s baby is safe. But is she?

When the body of young mother Charlotte Brannon is discovered by her husband in their immaculate, silver bedroom, Detective Natalie Ward is first on the scene. The killer has left a chilling calling card: the word ‘Why?’ written on the wall in blood. 

Determined to find justice, Natalie quickly discovers the husband is hiding a troubled past, and she’s sure the teenage babysitter’s alibi doesn’t quite add up.

But before Natalie can dig deeper, another mother is murdered, her young son left distraught, staring at a fresh ‘who’ scrawled beside her.

Natalie knows it’s only a matter of time before the killer strikes again, but all the key suspects have alibis. It’s her toughest case yet, and with her marriage hanging by a thread, the cracks are beginning to show.

Just when Natalie finds an unsettling clue she thinks could solve the case, another young woman and her baby disappear, and a member of Natalie’s team is put in terrible danger. 

Can Natalie stop this twisted killer and save one of her own before more families are torn apart forever?

Gripping, fast-paced and nail-bitingly tense, this book will send shivers down your spine. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Karin Slaughter.

My Review
After reading and loving The Birthday,  I couldn't wait to read this, I read Last Lullaby in less than a day. Carol Wyer has such a great way of writing that drew me in and I love how the book flowed.

Natalie and Lucy are by far my favourite characters, they are both determined to find the culprit and get frustrated when they have no leads. They are being lied to and misled by numerous people throughout and for different reasons. They have to work out the truth before someone else is hurt. I found myself getting annoyed for them and thinking "Just tell the truth people!"

Last Lullaby is the second part of the series but can be read as a standalone, although I would read The Birthday as well because I really enjoyed that one. I look forward to reading the next part of this series.

Thank you to Bookouture via NetGalley for the chance to read a digital ARC of this book for an honest review. 


  1. You're really making me wanna go and buy ALL of Carol Wyers books now after these reviews, Emma!


  2. This sounds like a great book, I do love a good detective/thriller story, finding out who the killer is, it always grips you and makes you want to read on and on until you find out the answers! Lovely review :)

    Chloe xx


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