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Wedding Decorations Wishlist*

Recently I spoke about my ideal wedding venue. I love thinking about when I get married and what I would plan. It is so important to make sure your wedding is a lovely day, no matter what your budget or style is. Everyone has different tastes so you should always pick decorations that you like and not what you think others will like. So once everything is arranged you can just sit back and enjoy your big day without worrying. I had a look through Confetti’s site and picked my favourites and what would be going on my wedding wish list. For me the small things add up to the whole experience. 


Confetti offer a wide range of favours and I spent a good while look through them. I would love to give my guests something from the day they could keep. So here are some of the best ones I came across - 

Mini Treasure Chest Favour (contents not included)
This one is my favourite I love the design and you can put something inside, a little personalised note to say thank you for coming perhaps.

Vintage Typewriter Key Magnets
These typewriter key magnets are something I would love to receive as a wedding guest.
Heart Shaped Playing Cards
These heart shaped playing cards are a unique gift that would go down a treat with guests.

Cinderella Wedding Carriage Candle
This is my favourite, its so pretty I would never be able to light it!


When I get married I want the room to be decorated beautifully with lots of lovely decorations that each add to the feel of our wedding day. So once again I had a little look and these are my favourite decorations -
I absolutely fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. I would definitely have to have some of these about the wedding reception. In fact I might just get one for in my home!

Ok, so you can see where I am going with this, my wedding reception would be filled with candles everywhere. But these just jumped out at me as something that would like nice on the tables.

There are a lot of wedding signs to choose from, but for me this one was really simple and pretty.

So there are a few of my favourites, I can imagine by the time I do actually get married a lot more will be added to my wish list. Remember what I said, make sure if you are getting married you choose decorations that you and your partner are happy with. Your wedding day is all about showing your love to the world and it is one of the few days in life when it is all about you/your partner so be selfish pick what you want and do what you want!

What are some things you would love to have at your wedding? If you are already married what did you have on your special day to make it extra special? Let me know in comments.

*This is a collaboration with Confetti

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