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Murder of Linda Bailey Brown

The case I am going to talk about today is one I have been fascinated by for years. I first came across the story when I watched a movie called Love Lies and Murder. A truly sad and disturbing case about a very manipulative man who used his own daughter to get what he wanted.
A young Linda Bailey Brown
Linda Bailey Brown
The Case

In the early hours of March 19 1985 Linda Bailey Brown was found shot dead in her bed. Police who went to the house found Linda's step-daughter, Cinnamon aged just 14, in the back garden. She was covered in vomit and was almost unconscious. Cinnamon had a note on her that said "Dear God, please forgive me. I didn't mean to hurt her." Police obviously believed that Cinnamon was responsible for the brutal murder and had tried to overdose afterwards. Cinnamon was convicted of the shooting, and sentenced as a minor to be in locked up until the age of 25. But there was a lot more to the story.


Linda was married to David Brown and at the time of the murder they had not long had a baby. Linda was David's 5th wife. David was a womaniser who seemed to prefer very young women. Cinnamon was David's daughter from a previous relationship. Linda's sister, Patti, was staying with them at the time of the murder. Unknown to Linda her teenage sister was having an affair with her husband. At the time of her death Linda was only 23 years old. Following the murder David collected a large life insurance he had for his wife and went on to marry her teenage sister.

Cinnamon Finally Tells The Truth

In 1988, Cinnamon told police that the murder was actually her father's idea. She explained that David had been telling her and Patti that Linda was planning to kill him. So they had to do something to help him. On the night of the murder, Cinnamon said her father came into her room and told her to shoot Linda (it was better for Cinnamon to do it because she was a minor).
David left the house to go to shop in order to give himself an alibi. Before he went he gave Cinnamon drugs to take, in a bid to make it look like she tried to kill herself. Although the amount he gave her was more than enough to kill her, she only survived because she vomited.
Cinnamon began secretly recorded her visits with her father, in order for the police to gather more evidence. In one of these tapes David was recorded telling his daughter if she told the truth of that night they would all be in jail. Using these tapes and Cinnamon and Patti's testimony, authorities were able to convict both David and Patti for their roles in the murder.

Conviction and Sentence

In September 1990, David Brown was convicted of first-degree murder for financial gain and conspiracy. He was sentenced to life in prison. While waiting to be sentenced it came to light through an informant that David is planning to have Patti murdered as well as an investigator and prosecutor in the case. 
Patti, 21 at this time, pled guilty to her involvement and was sentenced to remain locked up until the age of 25.

My Views

A truly disturbing case and a father who didn't care for his daughter, or anyone else. David is a truly evil and manipulative man. He used two young girls to do his dirty work.
Both of these girls absolutely adored him and would do anything for him. According to some reports the three of them would play a game about different ways to kill Linda. They would go through different and more elaborate ways of getting rid of her.
I often wonder why Cinnamon finally told the truth. Maybe she finally realised what her father truly was, after finding out he had married Patti. Or maybe she finally came to understand that her own father had meant for her to die that night as well.
I hope that Cinnamon has gone on to have a happy and fulfilled life, away from the control of her father.



  1. So I read this last week when post went live was very interesting as I’d not heard of the case before so imagine my surprise watching The Perfecr Murder on ID at 4pm and it was on this case. Glad he was finally sentenced such a disgusting thing to do to your own daughter x

    1. It's a interesting case, if you ever come across the movie it is worth a watch xx

  2. Great Post as always Emma x

  3. This is such an interesting case. I can't believe someone would do that to their own daughter x

    1. I agree. But did she really have to listen to that crazy father of hers? I would have just walked out the door. Or reported his insanity or something!

  4. Great movie. You can find it on YouTube. He was a a scum bag


Murder of Linda Bailey Brown

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