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My Love/Hate Relationship With NetGalley

I am sure many fellow book bloggers will be able to relate with a lot of what I say in this post! First of all I want to say I really do love NetGalley it is such a great resource for book bloggers.

The Dreaded Feedback Ratio

I try my hardest not to look at this because it reminds me of how far behind I am with my reading. Mine is currently at 56% because I have made a conscious effort to not request as many books.

The Inviting Emails

Happily sitting minding your own business trying not to scroll through the list of interesting books and then boom email lands saying this brilliant sounding book is available to request. So of course I click on it then while I am there I have to look at other books and request them too!

So Many Fantastic Books

One of the many reasons I love NetGalley is the chance it has given me to discover new authors and books that I may not have come across other wise.

Getting Declined

I have been declined a few times for books that I have absolutely loved the sound of. I cannot be the only one who takes it personally and thinks "Why not?" But it is swings and roundabouts, as with everything in life, you don't always get what you want.

Being Approved

As a book blogger I absolutely love that feeling when you receive an email saying you have been approved. I am always so grateful that publishers actually want me to read and review.

So to sum up I joke saying I hate NetGalley, I really don't! I absolutely love it and it is one of my favourite parts of being a book blogger. Even though it can be a lot of work at times, it is worth it for the chance of discovering authors and books that you might not come across another way.

So to any fellow book bloggers I would really recommend signing up if you are not already. (Just don't blame me when you have a massive TBR list, and your feedback ratio is keeping you up at  night!)

And now I am going to add some opinions/tips from fellow bloggers about NetGalley -

"Don't fall into the rookie trap of over requesting and not being able to get everything read in time. There will always be another book on another day. I'm currently on a self-imposed NetGalley ban to sort myself out."

"NetGalley is brilliant but so dangerous for a book lover! It's far too easy to request too many books and get so behind that you are never going to catch up."

"NetGalley is a blessing and a curse. I myself have fallen into the trap of over requesting and drowning in a sea of books. Also be careful when sending feedback. I hit that button to say I was interested in interviews etc with the author and I had a publisher who keeps sending me books I will never read!"

"I love knowing about upcoming books and getting to read and review them first. I come fresh and unbiased, no other reviewers influencing me. My thoughts are my own. The only problem is I am reading so many new books I don't have time to read other books! I'll deal with it."

"I love NetGalley but it is so dangerous for book addicts! I get the emails telling me I might like something and I think, yes I do like that, I'll just pop in and request it, then end up requesting another four on top! On the plus side, I discover lots of new authors this way."

"Ah, NetGalley. It is my friend and also my foe. I have discovered some amazing new books and authors through the site, however I can get carried away with that request button! I love it though, it's brilliant."

"NetGalley is a great way to learn about upcoming books, and is a wonderful way for bloggers to promote books. It can be really tempting to request everything you're interested in, and end up drowning in books to read, so make sure to check publication dates before request so you don't end up with too many books to read at once!"

"When I was a fairly new blogger, it was like heaven when I found NetGalley. Definitely fell into the newbie black hole, by requesting too many titles. Then I got savvy, set limits, and started building my percentage with good turn around and choosing a few "read now" options. I do like the new set up now for sending feedback versus review. I've used it a few times for a book that was not a good fit for me. I always feel like an insider when talking books or seeing books that are having their pub day. I noticed the other day my percentage was 90%, which made me giddy. I also was on cloud nine when I recently got approved for Fiona Davis' newest, The Masterpiece."

And now I have some insight from a publisher's point of view. Kim Nash is a publicity and social media manager for Bookouture. Having worked there for 4 years, she kindly gave me some insight into what publishers look for on NetGalley. Incuding -

"From a publisher point of view we look at peoples profiles to see if they are genuine reviewers"

"We look at previous book reviews and what they are like"

"A profile is really important I see what they like to read and where they share their reviews. There are still people who sign up to NetGalley for free books and some even say that in their profile!"

"We also look at their request to review ratio. Some request books and rarely leave reviews!"

"For Bookouture we have an approval preference guide which we share with bloggers."

"Everyone wants auto approval but this is only given to dedicated fans of our books who shout about them to the world."

Kim also added that basically they want genuine book lovers to read their books. Which I think nearly every publisher would want. 

I just want to thank everyone who has gave me an opinion/tip about their experience with NetGalley. I think we can all agree the majority feel you have to limit your request's! I myself am still working through a library of books to try and sort my ratio out. I fell into the trap of over requesting because there are so many great books/authors on there. So if you do join bear in mind to only request what you can realistically read. 

Do you use NetGalley? Any tips or opinions you would like to share? Let me know in the comments


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