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Blog Tour - The Big Event/Anne John-Ligali

The Big Event Blog Tour Poster
Constance Jeffries is excited when she gets the chance to meet up with virtual friends at a get-together in a London hotel. She's been tweeting and messaging her lovely friends for years and feels they must be just as excited to finally meet her in person too.

Or so she hopes.

A short story about the importance of 'real' friendships and how it's the little things that matter the most.

When I was asked to take part in my first blog tour I was excited (and a little nervous). I don't often read short stories but this one seemed interesting and is the first in a series. So before I start my review I will give you some background about the author.
Anne John-Ligali author of The Big Event.
Bio: Anne John-Ligali is a writer and the founder of Books and Authors UK, a popular website featuring author interviews and book reviews. She loves all thing books: reading, writing, going to book events, and meeting other book lovers. She has written a series of short stories and is currently writing her first novel.

Anne has always loved stories and read many books as a child, including the entire Sweet Valley High and Caitlyn series. Her interest in writing fiction came years later, when she began writing for pleasure in 2007. Since then, Anne has been writing on and off and she enjoys participating in writing groups. Twice in 2014, she won the monthly Novelicious Pinterest Prompt Fiction Competition.

When Anne is not writing, she is likely to be at soft play with her kids, taking long evening walks in Hyde Park, making green smoothies, window shopping, or having a pampering session at her local beauty salon (whenever she gets the chance). She can also be found watching box sets (albeit with a bit of shame at still having to catch up on Scandal, Grey's and Downton).

Originally from Peterborough, Anne now lives in London. After moving to London, she studied graphic design at the University of Arts and has held a number of IT administration jobs in the city. Anne continues writing and aspires to write more women's fiction books, a non-fiction book and several children's books.

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I really liked the premise of this book, how meeting people in real life can differ greatly from the relationship you might have online. From the very first page I knew I would enjoy the story, the author's style of writing really drew me in. Obviously as it's a short story I read it quite quickly, but I think even if it was a full length novel I would have found it difficult to put down, this is very much thanks to Anne's writing style.

The main character, Constance, is a writer who uses social media a lot to promote her work. Along the way she has met many people online who are friendly and helpful. But at the event she sees a different side to the online personas they have.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story, definitely a light, refreshing read. I can't wait to read the rest of the series and find out what happens next.

The Big Event is available on Amazon here



  1. Well done on your first book tour! A great, short, refreshing review X

    Elise //

  2. I like the sound of this story, it sounds very bloggery. I've never actually heard of an online book tour but congratulations on getting your first one! x


  3. This sounds like a really interesting book, perfect for bloggers, haha. I shall have to seek it out on Amazon. I'm glad you enjoyed your first blog tour, I'll look forward to reading your future blog tour reviews too :)

    Lisa |


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