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Drew Peterson

The case I am going to be talking about in this post was a really famous case in America. It's the case of a man who believed he was above the law, and the women he married.
Drew Peterson in jail.
The Case

On October 29th 2007 Stacy Ann Peterson was reported missing by her sister. Her husband, Drew Peterson, claimed he had received a call from Stacy saying she had left him for another man. Her car was discovered at an international airport.

Drew Peterson

Drew was born in 1954, he was a police sergeant in Bolingbrook, Illinois. He served with the police force for 30 years. He had at one point received a 'Police Officer of the Year' award. Stacy Peterson was his fourth wife.

Kathleen Savio

Kathleen was Peterson's third wife, they had began an affair whilst he was still married to his second wife. The couple married in 1992, they had two children together.
Kathy and Drew divorced in 2003, there were reports of violence in the marriage. Police had been called to their home several times in the past, after reports of domestic disturbances.
In 2004 Kathleen Savio's body was discovered in a bath at her home. The bath had no water in, despite this fact her death was initially ruled an accidental drowning. 
After Stacy's disappearance Kathleen's case was looked at with fresh eyes. Her body was exhumed and it was discovered she had numerous injuries including, bruises, scratches and a large gash on her head. The medical examiner came to the conclusion she had drowned after a violent struggle.
After Stacy's disappearance, a pastor came forward to claim she had told him that Drew had murdered Kathleen and made it look like an accident.
Peterson was found guilty of Kathleen's murder in 2012, he was later sentenced to 38 years in prison.

Stacy Peterson

As with his previous marriage, his relationship with Stacy began as an affair behind Kathleen Savio's back. There were claims that Stacy would sneak into Drew and Kathleen's marital home to meet up with Drew. Stacy and Drew also had two children together. 
After she was reported missing, her car was found at an airport. She has never been seen or heard from to this day. Peterson has never been convicted of anything relating to Stacy's disappearance.


Following Stacy's disappearance, Peterson seemed to take great pleasure from the publicity he was receiving. He appeared on Larry King Live in 2008, and bizarrely at one point went on a radio show in which it was suggested they should do a 'win a date with Drew' segment. In 2008 Drew became engaged to a 23 year old. This engagement was later broke off. He acted cocky and uncaring about his wifes disappearance in front of cameras that often followed him around.

My Views

This is a sad case for many reasons, the worst one for is four children being left without their mothers. Having watched a lot of documentaries on this story, I feel that Drew Peterson is a truly evil man, he thought he was above the law. This probably stems from him being a policeman himself, and maybe things did get over looked by his police co workers. Such as the domestic abuse that was apparently taking place in all of his relationships.
Having watched many interviews with Peterson, I believe he didn't help his case at all. He continually came across like he just didn't care what had happened to his wife. All the time making jokes, and laughing I don't believe someone with a missing wife would behave like that.
One thing that really annoyed me about this case, was Drew's defence team. They seemed to have the same attitude as Peterson, making jokes outside court about Stacy turning up as a witness. I think this kind of behaviour is absolutely appalling. I've included a clip of this from YouTube to show what I mean.

I don't believe Stacy will be found at this point, unless Drew Peterson suddenly develops a conscience and tells her family where she is. Unfortunately this seems very unlikely to happen, so her family and friends and especially her children may never get the answers they need.
There are several documentaries available about this case and a movie was also made called, Drew Peterson: Untouchable starring Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco, worth watching if you want to learn more.

If you have any views on this case please let me know in the comments.



  1. I have to agree with you, I don't think Stacey will be found unless he chooses to share the location of her body. It's been too long by now.
    Britt |

  2. Omg only up to earlier this week or last week I was watching highlights on this case on SNAPPED I think it was. This was truly appalling, it’s disgusting to see a person’s behavior when they think they can’t be punished or their actions never reap terrible consequences. Very evil man and it is very sad to see that he still hasn’t come forward with the truth. Very good wrap up and detailed post.

    xx Lena

  3. The details are almost spooky.
    You never really know people.

  4. It is extremely sad when there are children left like that. I still can never get my head around someone committing such a crime like this. although watching the documentaries and reading the articles to me are fascinating, I think it's the wanting to understand why that draws us! Great post!

  5. This case was so tragic and sad... at this point I don’t think they will ever find her.... I feel so much for the sorrow of her family... Shell

  6. This is so sad and especially for the children.

    Jessica & James | /

  7. I’ve watched & read so many things on this guy he is pure evil. It’s such a tragic story 😔

  8. Awful for the kids involved. But I agree, it's been way too long for her to be found sadly x



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