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Killer Women Series - Dena Thompson

Dena Thompson is what is known as a Black Widow. She met men, tricked them and ultimately killed. She had several victims she had met throughout her life. In this post I will run through some of her victims; who are known about.

Dena Thompson

Lee Wyatt

This is part of Dena's story that shows her level of deceit and manipulation. Whilst Lee and Dena were married, she managed to convince him that a toy he had created had got the Mafia interested in him; because of money. She convinced him he had to go on the run to protect himself. This elaborate lie was believed by Lee, he would disappear for years. While he was away, she came up with accusations against him; including sexual assault and threats to kill her. Lee Wyatt was never charged with anything.

Julian Webb

Whilst Lee was hiding out, Thompson married Julian Webb; bigamously after only a couple of months of knowing him. She carried on with her deceit and she was going to be charged with fraud by her workplace. On his 31st birthday, Dena Thompson laced his curry with massive doses of painkillers and anti-depressants. He sadly died. Dena claimed his death was a suicide, however his family did not believe this to be the case. Immediately after the crime Thompson was trying to collect money, which would be released upon his death. She wasn't able to get this money though, because Julian's mother proved she was already married - and so wasn't his legal wife.

Robert Thompson

Dena and Robert met through a lonely hearts advert in 1998. They were together a little over a year in all. She claimed to Robert that she had cancer; and also had a lot of money in a bank account from a lottery win. After they got married, Robert was excited to be planning a new life in America with his wife. But on New Years Day 2000, everything changed for Robert. During some kind of sex game initiated by Dena, she apparently tied his hands behind his back - and tried to attack him with a baseball bat. He managed to fend her off. Robert claimed he believed she was going to kill him, and tell people he had gone to America without her. Dena however, claimed she had acted in self defence after Robert attacked her when he found out she was defrauding him.
She was put on trial for attempted murder, but was acquitted. She was however found guilty of several counts of fraud and sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison.

Exhumation and Trial

It was after this trial for the alleged attack on Robert that police exhumed the body of Julian Webb. They didn't find anything more than what they already knew, that he had died of an overdose. 
After a witness came forward and said that on the night of Julian's death, Dena had cooked him a hot curry. Police believe she did this to mask the taste of the pills she had crushed up in it. The motive that was given was purely money, as soon as he died she was trying to claim his assets. 
Although Dena denied murder and they had no real solid evidence, the jury found her guilty and she was sentenced to serve at least 16 years in prison.

My Views

Whilst there wasn't any physical evidence against Dena in the murder of Julian Webb, her previous character and manipulation of people almost certainly led to her conviction. There is no doubt Dena Thompson is a very disturbed and dangerous woman.

How she managed to convince her first husband and make him run away, to me shows how good a liar and manipulator she was. He went away for years and years, basically just on her word and a far fetched story. 

I think she killed Julian and attempted to kill Robert because she thought they were about to find out about her lies. Maybe she didn't think they would be as easy to talk around and manipulate as her first husband, so she panicked.

Ultimately I believe she is where she deserves to be, behind bars so she can't cause any more hurt and devastation.

There is a documentary about this case if you are interested in finding out more details its called - Dena Thompson - Black Widow

I would love to hear any views you might have on this case let me know in comments.



  1. I haven’t heard of or seen the documentary before, but after reading this post, I’m definitely going to check it out! She seemed very manipulative, and they’re normally the most dangerous people of all..

    Andi |

  2. I haven't seen this documentary. It is not really the kind of things I watch but why not after all. It can get an insight and help learn more things and understand xx corinne

    1. That's part of what I find fascinating how peoples minds work and how they do things they do 💕

  3. A very nice post! Killer women are so interesting, there are so few compared to the shear scale of male killers!

    1. There are loads of male killers, think that's why I find female ones so interesting 💕

  4. I’ve been really enjoying your serial killer posts - they’re so interesting! I’ve not heard of this women before but her nickname is really cool x

    Kayleigh Zara ��

  5. I’ve never heard of this documentary but I’ll have to check it out as this kind of thing does interest me


  6. Haven’t read or watched anything about this woman before but definitely will check it out! It really makes you wonder what goes through their minds to think they can go through life like this. Definitely seems manipulative

    1. It's a really interesting case, there is so much more detail in documentary than I have shared here or this would be a really really long post 💕

  7. Her first husband was lucky that he was gullible enough to go along with what she was saying. It looks like it saved his life. I'm always a little uncomfortable when people receive long jail sentences on circumstantial evidence, but I agree with you that at least on the surface this woman seems to be disturbed and dangerous. I wonder what makes people like this and what, if anything, she went through in her early years to turn out like this.
    V <3

    1. I'm always a bit like that with circumstantial evidence but sometimes it can be compelling, the documentary I watched goes into so much more about how she convinced her first husband to disappear 💕

  8. I find this so interesting but spine tingling at the same time. I'm never sure if I'm enjoying it or just asking for insomnia.
    I can't decide if I think she did it or not. That's a long time for no real evidence!


    1. I think she did, but not sure if I was on jury I would have convicted her with the evidence they had 💕


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