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Killer Women Series - Jodi Arias

Jodi and Travis in happier times

The Case

On 8th June 2008 police received a call from friends of Travis Alexander, saying they had discovered his bloody body in the shower of his home. They were concerned as they hadn't heard from him for a while, so had gone to check on him. He had been stabbed over 20 times, his throat had been slit and finally he had been shot. The police were told pretty much immediately by his friends and family to investigate his on-off girlfriend Jodi Arias.

The Relationship Between Travis and Jodi

Travis and Jodi met at a conference in Nevada in 2006. They had a long distance serious relationship for about 5 months. When they split up they still had a sexual relationship. Travis was Mormon so this side of their relationship was kept secret. Travis's friends have reported that she seemed obsessed with him, and she had damaged his car at one point. It seemed like Jodi didn't want to let him go.
Apparently Travis had been pursuing other woman.

The Investigation

Jodi was brought in for questioning, she denied any knowledge of the murder. She also said she wasn't there on the day that the police believed the murder took place, 5 days before his body was discovered. When the police discovered her DNA mixed with Travis's blood, Jodi changed her story. She said she had been there when two people burst in and murdered Travis, she said they were going to kill her as well but had let her go. She didn't call for help ,she said she was too scared, she just went on to visit another man.

The police found a camera in a washing machine in the home of Travis, although it had been damaged they were able to retrieve some pictures from it. Ones of Travis and Jodi, together and separately, and some of Travis in the shower where his body was found.
On July 9th 2008 Jodi was arrested for the murder of Travis Alexander.

The Trial

The trial started in December 2012. It was a highly publicised case and was aired on American television. During the trial Jodi would give yet another account of what happened that day in Travis's home. When she took the stand she told the court that she had in fact killed Travis, but it was a case of self-defence. She made some very serious allegations about Travis, that he was violent towards her and also had at one point been in possession of child pornography. She also claimed she suffered memory loss and couldn't remember much of what happened. She claimed she killed him because he was going to kill her so she defended herself. These claims that Jodi made are adamantly denied by his family and friends.

Evidence Against Jodi

The prosecution had a lot of evidence against Jodi:

-The gun that was used to kill Travis was the same type that was stolen from Jodi's grandparents house sometime before the murder.
-Jodi repeatedly lied to police, and gave 3 different stories about the day of the murder.
-Her hands had cuts on the day after the murder, this was reported by the man she went to visit when she left Travis's home.
-The photographs on the camera the police found proved she was there on the day of the murder. One photo the police believe was taken accidently, they say shows Travis's bloody body and what they believe to be Jodi's leg in the photo as well.

Verdict and Sentence

On May 8th 2013 Jodi was found guilty of first degree murder. She was later sentenced to life without parole.

My Views

I think Jodi is a cold blooded killer, if she really killed him in self defence why did she have to stab him, slit his throat and then shoot him. That seems a bit over the top to me, surely just stabbing him 20 times would have stopped him if he was attacking her. I believe they had a troubled relationship and maybe Travis didn't treat her the best but I don't believe that meant he deserved to die. Jodi lied that much that I think no matter what she said at trial hardly anyone was going to believe her. So we may never truly know if at times he was abusive or not. But I think she had numerous chances to get away if he was as violent as she said , they didn't live together,they lived quite far apart until Jodi actually moved closer to him. If he was so abusive when he said he didn't want to see her anymore wouldn't that be a blessing?

I would love to hear any views you might have, let me know in comments.



  1. I think I read about or watched a YouTube video about this case, such an upsetting and horrible thing to happen.

  2. Sounds like everything was against Jodi. But at the same time she might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is always so hard to judge.


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