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The Disappearance/Murder of Laci Peterson

One story that has always intrigued/disgusted me is the disappearance and murder of Laci Peterson, a young woman about to give birth to her son Connor, her whole life ahead of her.

Pregnant Laci Peterson
The Disappearance

Laci went missing on Christmas Eve 2002. Her husband rang her mum and asked if she had seen her daughter, then he told her Laci was missing.

He claimed she had planned to go shopping then take their dog for a walk, while he went fishing. A short time after Scott's phone call her parents reported her as missing, a search of the area was conducted but Laci wasnt found and police suspected something bad had happened too her. It was a prioity to find her as she was so close to giving birth and it was so out of character for her go missing.
During the time that Laci was missing her husband was acting strange and didnt really want too speak to the media. Her family were obviously heartbroken and worried sick.

Scott's Affair

As it turned out Scott had been having an affair with a young woman called Amber Frey, he had told her he was single. He continued to be in contact with her throughout the time Laci was missing. After she revealed the affair, police asked her to record their phone calls,which she did. At one point on New Years Eve, during a candlelight vigil held for Laci and Connor, Scott was recorded on the phone to Amber telling her he was in Paris by the Eiffell Tower celebrating New Years's on a business trip. I believe this shows the depth of his lies and manipulation. He eventually admitted to Frey that he was married and that his wife was missing.These phone conversations between them lasted until about February 2003.

Discovery of Laci and Connor

On April 13 2003, sadly the body of baby Connor was found. The next day,1 mile away from Connor, Laci's dismembered body was found. The exact cause of death couldn't be found due to de-composition.

Evidence Against Scott

Although there wasnt much hard evidence against Scott, there was plenty of circumstanial evidence.

-A piece of hair believed to be Laci's found in pliers on his boat

-He was having an affair.

-He apparently had no clue what he was fishing for or what bait or anything he was using when he claimed to be fishing at the time of Laci's disappearance.

-He was in debt and wanted to be single.

-He was a proven liar.

-That he appeared to be planning to flee when he was arrested.

-He often referred to Laci in the past tense even before her body was found.

-His behaviour in general didn't seem to be that of a grieving husband and father.

Arrest and Sentence

Scott was arrested April 18th 2003, he had dyed his hair and he had with him a lot of cash, camping gear, two drivers licences and a few cell phones. this led the police to believe he was planning on fleeing to Mexico. Scott was convicted of the first -degree murder of Laci and the second- degree murder of Connor. I personally think he should have been found guilty of first-degree murder for baby Connor as well. He was sentenced to death and is currently on death row.

My Views on the Case

For me this is one of the worst type of crimes, a mum to be so close to giving birth to a beautiful baby, both killed by a supposedly loving husband and dad to be. His behaviour during the search for Laci in my opinion was disgusting, for a man who claims to be innocent, instead of searching desperately for his wife and child he seemed more interested in romancing another woman. From what I have read and watched about this case I believe him to be 100% guilty and he shows no remorse. I think the death penalty in this case was wholly justified for a man this evil. It is sad to think of the life Laci and Connor could of had, a happy and loving life taken away by a heartless monster.


  1. Oh good heavens, this was insanely interesting read. For me, I would have needed a bit more information - I mean, circumstancial evidence don't weigh here much, we have to have a lot of proof. Our hardest sentence is a life in prison (12 years) & they do all kinds of tests and mental health testings and stuff. That's why I'm interested how things work out in different places.
    For me, an affair doesn't mean he wanted to kill his wife.
    Or that he wanted to be single.
    Why not just get a divorce? Because of the baby? Well we're living 2017, divorces aren't the worst thing on Earth.
    Though, I believe he's quilty. I'm glad he got caught.

    1. I know it would have been good to have more actual evidence against him,I think it was his lying that caught him out there is a few documentaries about the case and a film as well which are interesting to watch 💕💕

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  2. This is so sad - stories like this are obviously awful to hear about but at the same time I've always found true crime stories like this strangely intriguing. I'm obsessed with Buzzfeed Unsolved and recently I've gotten into Bella Fiori's mystery Monday videos on Youtube.

    1. It is so sad, they sound good I'll have to give them a look 💕


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