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Killer Women Series - Stacey Castor

Stacey Castor in court.


Stacey met her first husband Michael Wallace when she was 17, they had two daughters together Ashley born in 1988 and Bree in 1991.

Michael Wallace

Some time in 1999 Michael began feeling unwell, it is reported he was coughing and seemed unsteady. He subsequently died in early 2000. His daughter Ashley, 11 at the time, was home alone with him when he died. His cause of death was given as a heart attack, although his family questioned that this was the case.

David Castor

After the death of her first husband, Stacey went on to marry David Castor in 2003. In 2005 Castor called the police to say her husband had locked himself in a bedroom for a day after an argument. She said he wouldn't answer his phone. Police arrived at the home,broke down the door and found David dead. In the room a container of antifreeze and a glass of green liquid was found. The coroner recorded he had committed suicide with antifreeze. But when police found Stacy's fingerprints on the glass and on a turkey baster they found David's DNA on the tip, they began to suspect that she had played a part in his death. The police believed she had used the baster to force feed David the anti freeze.

After the police began to suspect Stacey they wiretapped her home. Michael Wallace's body was exhumed and it was found that he had also died of anti freeze poisoning. 

Attempted Murder

In 2007 Stacey called for help to her home saying her elder daughter Ashley had tried to take her own life. There was a suicide note supposedly written by Ashley confessing to the murders of her father and step father. Ashley was rushed to hospital where it was found she had a fatal amount of painkillers in her system and just a few minutes later getting to hospital and she would have died. When Ashley woke up she was questioned about the note, she claimed she did not write the note and that the last thing she remembered was her mum saying they should drink together and giving her a 'nasty' tasting drink.
Police believed that Stacey had began to panic after her first husbands body was exhumed. And came up with a plan to murder her daughter and frame her for the killings.

Arrest and Trial

Stacey Castor was arrested in 2007 for the second degree murder of David, and for attempting to murder her own daughter Ashley and frame her.
The prosecution claimed that the suicide note was written on the computer by Stacey not by Ashley. They also said that no fingerprints of David's were found on the glass that he allegedly drank antifreeze from to kill himself, but his DNA was found on the turkey baster that they believed Stacey force fed him it.
They believed she had killed her husbands for money from life insurance etc. Another little thing they noticed was in the suicide note that anti freeze was actually spelled ANTIFREE and they noted that during interviews that Stacey had also referred to antifreeze in the same way.
On February 5 2009 Stacey Castor was found guilty of the second degree murder of David Castor and the attempted murder of her daughter. Stacey was sentenced to 25 years to life for the death of David, and additionally 25 for the attempted murder of Ashley and an extra 1-4 years for the forgery of David's will in which she had written his son out.
Stacey Castor died in prison June 11 2016 aged 48. The cause of death was undetermined but no foul play was suspected.

My Views

This case is truly shocking how a mother could try to kill her own daughter and frame her for terrible crimes. I don't know how she expected anyone to believe that Ashley, only 11 at the time of her fathers death, could plan and carry out a crime like this. The one thing I found upsetting was when Ashley was asked why she had drank the 'nasty' tasting drink, she said her mum had told her it was fine and to drink it in one go. Why wouldn't she drink it she had no reason to question her mother or not trust her?

I would love to hear any views you have on this case let me know in comments.



  1. Its crazy what people are capabe of. Imagine taking a life - let alone the life of a family member.

  2. OMG, shocking indeed. You must truly be heartless to frame your daughter like this. You are right, so upsetting that she was so trusting. I can't imagine taking a life and you must really have no emotion to do it and frame someone else for it xx corinne

    1. Yes it is. I watched when someone asked the daughter why would you drink it and she looked completely baffled as to why they were asking her, why wouldn't I she was my mum x

  3. What an interesting read! Just the thought that a parent could be so brutally coldhearted to their own children is chilling enough. I can't imagine ever having such hatred for another human let alone a family member </3

  4. This was such an interesting yet trrifying read. To look and understand what some people are capable of is actually quite shocking and scary especially considering to kill your own daughter. :(

  5. It's disturbing isn't it,I watched a show where even after she was arrested she was still blaming her daughter saying she was lying 💕

  6. I am always shocked and intrigued by your true crime posts! This woman sounds like a nasty piece of work - to poison two husbands is one thing but to try and frame your daughter?! OMG! I can't believe a mother would betray her daughters trust in such a way, really terrifying stuff!

    Abbey ❄️

    1. It shocking how someone could do this to their own child, and have seemingly no remorse about it xx

  7. I remember watching a programme on CBS Reality about this case. So shocking that had they not found further evidence she could have got away with both. Great post Emma 💕

    1. Thank you 💕 I think I originally saw it on Snapped or one like that, then got so interested in it have watched loads on it since x

  8. I had never heard of this case but my jaw literally dropped! I was in shock even though I know we live in a crazy world it still is shocking to hear a story like this. Her poor daughter. I love learning about real life cases though, great post!

  9. It's always amazed me what someone could do just to get away with something I've a child myself I couldn't imagine doing any thing like this though
    Absolutely love your blog
    Happy Christmas

  10. Wow this is truly unbelievable, what an evil woman. Glad she was caught in the end for her horrendous crimes and I hope her poor daughter got some help after what she had to go through.

    Melanie |

    1. Terrible isn't it, hopefully her daughter was able to move on. I've not been able to find out what ended up happening to her x


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