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Murder of DeeDee Blancharde

I recently watched a documentary about this case and found it really interesting. It's called Mommy Dead and Dearest. If you havent seen I would definately give it a watch.

The Case

On June 14 2015, police in Missouri found the body of DeeDee Blancharde stabbed to death on the bed. She had been there for a few days. There wasnt any sign of her daughter, Gypsy Rose who apparently suffered with numerous disabilities including leukemia and muscular dystrophy and had the mental age of a 7 year old. The police were alerted after reports of worrying Facebook posts, they were concerned that Gypsy Rose had also fallen victim to foul play. However Gypsy Rose was found the following day in Wisconsin with a boy she had met online. In this case not everything was as it seemed.

Dee Dee Blancharde and her daughter Gypsy Rose sitting together

As it turned out Gypsy Rose had none of the illnesses her mother had been claiming for years that she suffered from. She could walk and didn't need the wheelchair her mother had forced her to use. Although doctors had raised concerns about the mothers claims (one even suggested DeeDee had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy) she stuck to her claims and took money from several charities. Gypsy Rose had been subjected to surgeries and medications she didnt need and even had a feeding tube inserted. Gypsy Rose has made claims that her mum was occasionally physically abusive to her as well. And although her mother claimed to doctors Gypsy was "slow" she could read and write. Gypsy tended to talk in a slightly babyish voice and wore large glasses. She often wore wigs to cover her baldness. Her mother often shaved her head to give the impression of chemotherapy treatment. She also had an oxygen tank that she didnt need.

Gypsy Rose Going into Adulthood

As Gypsy grew older, her mum told people she was a lot younger than she was. I believe she could pull this off because they were in Hurricane Katrina and had to relocate and she told people the birth certificate was an incorrect re-issue. Gypsy Rose began to meet men online and going to different conventions as she got older. One time Gypsy ran away with a man, but her mother tracked her down. According to Gypsy when they got home DeeDee smashed her computer with a hammer and threatened to do the same to Gypsy if she ran off again.Gypsy also claims she was leashed to the bed for a while after this. DeeDee told Gypsy she had paperwork saying Gypsy was mentally incompetent so the young girl thought if she went to police for help she wouldn't be believed. Around 2012 Gypsy Rose met Nicholas Godejohn online. He had a criminal record for indecent exposure and had some mental problems of his own. Gypsy arranged for her and her mum to "bump into" Nicholas at a cinema so her mum wouldnt know they had met online. 

The Murder

Nicholas travelled to Gypsy's home around June 12 2015. She let him in and allegedly passed him the knife to kill her mum. He made Gypsy stay in the bathroom with her ears covered. He then stabbed DeeDee to death in her sleep. They then took $4000 in cash and fled to a motel and mailed the murder weapon to Nicholas' home. They got a bus back to his home where they began posting Facebook updates saying DeeDee was dead and implying something bad had happened to Gypsy Rose as well. They were both arrested. Gypsy Rose accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to ten years for second degree murder. Nicholas Godejohn faces a more serious charge as prosecuters believe he started the murder plot and he was the one who actually murdered DeeDee. He is still awaiting trial.

My Views on This Case

There is no doubt in my mind that DeeDee was a terrible mum to Gypsy Rose all the things she had to go through as a child and into adulthood are really terrible. I dont know how it went on for so long and there are claims that if Gypsy said wrong things in front of people her mum would pinch her to let her know to stop talking. I believe that this claim puts a different spin on why all the photos and videos of Gypsy and her mother are of them sitting right next to each other holding hands. While I believe most of Gypsy's claims,the only thing I question is; if DeeDee was so overbearing, how did Gypsy have access to internet and develop this connection with Nicholas? Also when I watched the documentary and Gypsy Rose was speaking I felt she changed her voice back to being childlike depending on who she was talking to or what she was talking about, that being said I believe this might be like a coping mechanism for her. I am glad she didnt get a life sentence so she has a chance to make some kind of life for herself, after losing her childhood and then ten years in prison I personally think that is enough punishment.

If you have any views about this case please let me know in comments.



  1. Nice post! It's lovely to see other posts on true crime!

    Beth @ :)

    1. Thanks I've only done two at the moment but really looking forward to doing more, going to have a read of your ted bundy one tonight 💕

  2. I ❤️ watching True Crime and thought this was a really good HBO documentary I'm with you on not understanding how she didn't get away from Dee Dee but then think she knew no different till she had something else to see she could have a different life just different choices could have been made

    1. I found the documentary really interesting and felt really bad for the type of childhood Gypsy had 💕

  3. Oh wow, that sounds soo interesting, might wanna have a watch. Although you gave a really good insight what it is about already :)

    1. It's really worth a watch, goes into so much more detail. The girl herself is in it and talks about what happened 💕

  4. I really enjoyed this post Emma can’t wait to read your next true crime post 😃

  5. I think your me blog is honestly fantastic. I love this genre of stuff from forensics to missing profiles. They’re always mind boggling. I remember seeing this crime circulating around the internet and was in awe reading it. It’s still very shocking tbh. Keep up the great posts hun 😘😘

    xx Lena |

    1. Thank you so much for you lovely comment, I find all this stuff so interesting. You definately should give the documentary a try so many more details in that plus interviews with Gypsy xx


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