Monday, 14 August 2017

Waiting for the Storm-Marie Landry

Following the death of her mum, 17 year old Charlotte O'Dell travels to Angel Island with her sister and dad. It seems like its going be a terrible holiday until she meets Ezra Rhodes.
He brings her back to living life, and their friendship develops into something more.
But he has secrets and he isnt sharing them with Charlotte. Despite her happiness with Ezra she feels that a storm is on the horizon.

I was sent this book to review. I havent read any of Marie Landry's books before but i do like trying different books.
Waiting for the storm cover

I found the main character Charlotte to be a sad and lonely person.She has a troubled relationship with her sister. She has been cut off from her friends as she has been caring for her dying mum. And her dad is grieving and has shut himself off from his daughters. I could relate to some of her traits as she uses reading to calm her and a way of escape.

So when she meets Ezra she is looking for someone to help her be happy again. Ezra is a mysterious character and she doesn't know much about his past.

I found this book to be a bit slow to get into partly because it's not my usual type of book I think. But once I did it was an enjoyable read,and the authors style of writing I found to be interesting. I would recoommend this book for young adult readers who like romance.


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