Friday, 18 August 2017

The Winding Stair-Millie Vigor

I am really getting my moneys worth out of Kindle Unlimited at the moment, this book was on a recommended for me list.
Winding stair cover

Ginny Harvey is a writer, she has been receiving single red roses on her doorstep, as well as anonymous calls.

Looking for some peace she runs away telling no-one where she is going. But then a rose is delivered to her hideaway. On her return home the roses and calls suddenly stop.

Starting to feel safe again she befriends quiet librarian, Curtis. But he isnt what she believes him to be. In fact he is highly disturbed and dangerous. I found myself sympathising with him though (im a sucker for a troubled soul). Ginny has to fight to survive.

The main character Ginny to me is a woman who seems content with her life as a writer. She has had issues with men in the past and for me this is why she trusts Curtis as he doesnt seem like other men and is friendly to her. 

I enjoyed this book as it wasnt long drawn out to get to the main part of the story. However I do think the ending was slightly abrupt. Overall i liked this book and would recommend it.

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