Friday, 4 August 2017

Lost Girls Celina Grace- Book Review

23 years ago Maudie Sampsons childhood friend Jessica went missing on a family holiday in Cornwall. She was never seen again.

Lost Girls Book Cover

This book centres around Maudie in the present day. She is struggling to come to terms with her fathers recent death,as well as memories from all them years ago. Maudie has a fragile state of mind and her marriage is troubled.

She keeps seeing a blonde woman following her but no-one else seems to be able to see her. Is it all in her confused mind?

I've never read any of this authors books but I found the writers style to be interesting although for me the scene setting and descriptions were slightly too in depth. It was a slow paced book and I personally wouldn't catergorize it as a psychological thriller maybe mystery.

The character of Maudie seems like a lonely and depressed character. Her problems gave an added depth to the character, as you question yourself throughout the book if things she is seeing, feeling and experiencing are real or not.

All in all I found it an enjoyable read and the ending was well thought out. Even though it was more slow paced than books I usually read I did enjoy it. However I did feel there were some unanswered questions for me at the end. That's just my opinion though as I like books that are tied up by the end unless they are part of a series.

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