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Jeremy Bamber- Guilty or Innocent?

I have an interest in crime and one case that has always fascinated me is the case of Jeremy Bamber, who is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his parents, sister and twin nephews.

Jeremy Bamber

The question I have always had when I've read or watched anything on this case is whether he is guilty or innocent. There are a lot of points on either side so I wanted to write about these and see what other people think. I don't know if he is guilty or innocent and these are just my opinions on the case.

The outline of the case is that on 7th August 1985 at around 3am police received a call from Jeremy saying his father Neville Bamber had called him and said Jeremy's sister Sheila Caffell had 'gone berserk'. Police went to the home and after a few hours they entered and found the bodies.
Jeremy's mother June and Sheila were found in the same room upstairs.Sheila was on the floor with gun against her throat and a bible lying by her. Sheila's twin boys were found in their beds and Neville was found in the kitchen. All were dead of gunshot wounds.
Sheila had a history of mental health problems and had been sent to a psychiatric hospital previously. This led the police to believe at first that she was responsible for committing this terrible crime. But after a while police began to believe that it was actually Jeremy Bamber who was responsible. He was arrested in September 1985 and found guilty and sentenced October 1986.

Some of the points that made the police think it was Jeremy were-

1.The main reason for their change of mind about the culprit was that Jeremys girlfriend at the time changed her statement. She said that Jeremy had spoken about getting rid of his family.

2. His behaviour after the crime and at the funeral also made the police and his own family doubt him. According to his family he was laughing and joking at the wake. He was also worrying about how he looked on camera outside church allegedly.

3.A silencer was found sometime after the murders by family members in a cupboard. It was believed to have traces of Sheilas blood on it. She couldn't have shot herself with the silencer attached it would of been too long and she couldn't have put it in cupboard after shooting herself anyway because of her injuries.

4.The main motive they thought was inheritance, with all of his immediate family dead he would inherit a lot of money and property. It was also thought that he was irritated by his family and just wanted rid of them.

The defence also have some points they believe prove Jeremy Bambers innocence.

1.The phone call from Neville in which they say he told Jeremy that Sheila had gone berserk and had his gun.

2.There was an alleged sighting of a live person in the house after police arrived (Jeremy was outside with them at the time).Although the police maintain this was a mistake.

3.The police waited for over two hours before entering house because they were trying too communicate with Sheila who they believed at that time was still alive in house.

4. No marks were found on Jeremy or any blood stained clothes of his were found.

5. Documents from police have still not been released.

6.Police logs record that on entering the home one dead male and one dead female were found, but only body of Neville found downstairs.

These are just the main points of the case in my opinion.

I have always been undecided about Jeremys guilt or innocence. I lean more towards him being innocent as some of the police evidence and conclusions worry me. For instance the silencer wasn't found by the police but was actually found much later by family members. But at the same time with the silencer I find it hard to see how traces of Sheila's blood got on it if it wasnt used in the crime. The silencer for me is the biggest problem between deciding his guilt or innocence.
I also have a problem with the statements of his then girlfriend. When she spoke up about the things Jeremy had allegedly said to her about wanting to kill his family it was after he broke up with her. To me it just seems a bit strange that she would come forward only after being dumped.
The problem I think with this case I believe is a lot of things are not being disclosed so it is difficult to come to any concrete conclusion.

My views about this case come from programmes I have watched and things I have read. I'm not saying I know everything about this case so please let me know if I have missed anything important.

Jeremy is currently in prison serving his sentence. He continues to maintain his innocence.

What are your views on this case. Guilty or innocent?Let me know in comments.



  1. Wow this is a great post Emma,there's so many cases like this that really peak my interest,I'm undecided over his guilt,it's a tricky one!

  2. There are so many innocent persons in prison. It is always super hard to get the truth out as their might be some hidden agenda. The girlfriend has indeed a weird behavior. Why changing her mind like that?

  3. In regards to his behaviour, I always think that people behave differently in stressful situations! I used to always laugh in stressful situations, and it’s something I still do to this day.. I have no idea how I would react if something like that happened to me, because it would have never happened before, and I think it’s always unfair when we judge people on such behaviour!

    Andi |

  4. Wow this was such an interesting and thought provoking post!

    Jessica & James | /


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