Monday, 14 August 2017

Bloggers Night In

I recently went to a bloggers night in my sisters. We had a great night and a good laugh. I thought I'd do a little run-down of some ideas and things you may need if you fancy having a bloggers night in.

1.You will obviously need some fellow bloggers to join you. Although a solo blogger night might be just as good!

2. Wine- Not too much or it could all go wrong, just enough to get the creative juices flowing.

3. Facemasks-So relaxing, I just love the peel off ones. Reminds me of painting my hand with glue in school and peeling it off.

4. Blogger Chat-We all got involved in the same blogger chat. It was fun but considering im quite new I got a little confused (although I'd had couple of glasses of wine by this point so that may have played a part!)

5. Snacks- You just can't beat Nachos & cheese. And obviously chocolate!

6. Pick a topic for someone else to write a blog about. My sister had a book at her house so she gave me that to read and do a review on.

Finally swapping tips and advice with fellow bloggers is really helpful.

So that's about it, if you have any ideas or have your own bloggers night please do let me know in comments.

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